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Underworld: Endless War is a collection of three short, anime-style tie-in stories-—whose creation was supervised by Len Wiseman, director of the first 2 Underworld movies and producer of Underworld 3 & 4--each tell a different story, and at different periods of history to highlight new events of the Underworld mythology. These stories also tell of what happened before the events in Underworld: Awakening

Title:Underworld: Endless War
Release Date:2011-10-19
Production Countries:
Production Co.:
Genres:Action, Animation, Horror,
Casts:Trevor Devall, Brian Dobson, Paul Dobson, Laura Harris, Mark Oliver,
Plot Keywords:paris, france, vampire, night, woman with gun, werewolf,
Alternative Titles:
Подземен свят : Безкрайна война