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When two friends open a Halloween fun house on Devil's Night it is all fun and games until their former sorority sisters begin to arrive. These six sisters are confronted by their past as the night spins out of control.

Title:The Scarehouse
Release Date:2014-09-13
Production Countries:Canada,
Production Co.:Mimetic Entertainment A Named Viking
Genres:Thriller, Horror,
Casts:Kimberly-Sue Murray, Katherine Barrell, Emily Alatalo, Jennifer Miller, Alex Harrouch, Sarah Booth, Dani Barker, Teagan Vincze, Ivana Kingston, Brad Everett, Jack Ettlinger, Jonathan Dubsky, Sean Kaufmann, Julie Williams, Tanya Bevan, Scott Cavalheiro, Shaun Mazoka, Ted Jefferies,
Plot Keywords:female nudity, rape, kidnapping, halloween, revenge, murder, gore, blood, torture, crime, mutilation, religiosity,
Alternative Titles: