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Susan Morrow receives a book manuscript from her ex-husband – a man she left 20 years earlier – asking for her opinion of his writing. As she reads, she is drawn into the fictional life of Tony Hastings, a mathematics professor whose family vacation turns violent.

Title:Nocturnal Animals
Release Date:2016-11-04
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Universal Pictures Artina Films Fade to Black Productions Focus Features
Genres:Drama, Thriller,
Casts:Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher, Armie Hammer, Ellie Bamber, Karl Glusman, Robert Aramayo, Laura Linney, Andrea Riseborough, Michael Sheen, India Salvor Menuez, Imogen Waterhouse, Zawe Ashton, Jena Malone, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Neil Jackson, Graham Beckel, Lee Benton, Peggy Fields Richardson, Piper Major, Janet Song, Franco Vega, Michele Dunn, Lori Jean Wilson, Sydney Schafer, Evan Bittencourt, Moose Ali Khan, Brianna Barnes, Evan Charles, Bryan Cruz, Jack Dilday, Angelina Duplisea, Deirdre DuPont, Lena Evans, Amanda Fields, Josh Ford, Jonathan Fredrick, Toni French, Alizee Gaillard, Nick Hounslow, Holly Kagis, Karli Karissa, Jason J Lai, Kerstin Lechner, Arnold Montey, Pedram Navab, Carson Nicely, Kendall O'Rorke, Christopher Pinkalla, Aleksandra Rastovic, Tonia Marie Rosée, Victor Ross II, Errol Sack, Brian Stivale, Chelsea Taylor, Charlotte Van Ierland, Jack Wallace, Jackie Zane, Maria Zyrianova,
Plot Keywords:based on novel, hostage, cancer, mother daughter relationship, writer, overbearing mother, art, novelist, carjacking, story within the story, flashback, lung cancer,
Alternative Titles:
Animais Noturnos
Animales nocturnos
Animali notturni
Нічні тварини
Tony and Susan