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While attempting to interview an elusive gangster, photojournalist Emanuelle notices a man pushing a girl in a wheelchair through the airport. Later, in another country she sees the same man and the girl up and walking. Intrigued, she does a bit of investigating and uncovers an organization dealing in the buying and selling of young women. She goes undercover into the organization but finds that getting out again could cost her her career...and her life.

Title:La via della prostituzione
Release Date:1978-04-20
Production Countries:Italy,
Production Co.:Flora Film Gico Cinematografica S.r.L. Fulvia Film
Casts:Laura Gemser, Ely Galleani, Gabriele Tinti, Venantino Venantini, Pierre Marfurt, Gota Gobert, Bryan Rostron, Manuela Romano, Nicola D'Eramo, Anna Toffoli, Tom Felleghy, Maria Letizia Serafino, Aurelia Saba, Fabio Frezza, Elena Maruffi, Maria Grado, Rocco Lerro, Alessandro Valente, Bruno Bertocci, Simone Brahmann, James Sampson, Martin Sorrentino,
Plot Keywords:female nudity, rape, sex, kidnapping, perversity, nudity, slavery, menage a trois, pubic hair, sexploitation, promiscuity, slave auction, gang rape, prostitution, lesbian sex, softcore, female masturbation, brooklyn bridge, statue of liberty, forced prostitution, female genitalia, forced to strip, simulated sex, erotic movie, white slavery, sex slave, sex slave ring,
Alternative Titles:
Black Emanuelle in Afrika
Emanuelle and the Girls of Madame Claude
Sklavenmarkt der jungen Mädchen
Black Emanuelle - Sklavenmarkt der jungen Mädchen