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An adaptation of Proust's "La Prisoniere" (book five of "Remembrance of Things Past"). Set in Paris, France, it is a serious tale of a tragic and dysfunctional love.

Title:La Captive
Release Date:2000-09-27
Production Countries:Belgium, France,
Production Co.:Canal+ Gemini Films Arte France Cinéma Paradise Films Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC) Gimages 3
Genres:Music, Drama, Romance,
Casts:Sylvie Testud, Stanislas Merhar, Olivia Bonamy, Liliane Rovère, Bérénice Bejo, Aurore Clément, Anna Mouglalis,
Plot Keywords:paris, transvestism, love triangle, female nudity, painter, taxi, prostitute, sex, hotel, sexuality, drowning, based on novel, jealousy, servant, beach, bar, boat, obsession, self-destruction, shower, restaurant, chauffeur, lie, paranoia, flower, grandmother grandson relationship, passion, suspicion, chase, boredom, normandy, lover, song, kiss, champagne, limousine, painting, promise, friendship, ladder, wine, road trip, swimming pool, liar, love, friends, surrealism, betrayal, singer, food, lesbian, telephone call, memory, allergy, aunt niece relationship, crying, singing, doctor, car accident, fear, bathtub, moving out, tears, pianist, trust, swimming, interrogation, father daughter relationship, captive, surveillance, desire, apartment, following someone, death, seaside, illness, happiness, fatal attraction, stranger, unhappiness, trapeze, pick up, odor, sleeping, subjective camera, theater, home movie, listening to music, shadow, driving, traffic, woman director, invitation, courage, tunnel, beach ball, award, stage performance, willing captive, theatre bar, singing lesson, sleeping in a chair, singing duet, sense of smell,
Alternative Titles:
La cautiva
Die Gefangene
La cautiva
I aihmaloti
I omiros
La Captive
A Cativa