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When four degenerate thugs rape and murder a young waitress in part of their rape and murder spree, they are arrested, but get away with though a legal technicality. The brother of one of the rape/murder victims decides to become vigilante and kill the four degenerates by himself.

Release Date:1977-04-01
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:American General Pictures
Genres:Crime, Drama, Thriller,
Casts:Chris Mulkey, Polly King, Wayne Crawford, Daniel Schweitzer, Sam Moree, Jim Curry, Melisande Conaway, William Kerwin, Rich DeMott, Alison Schlicter, Mia Marchand, Myraih, Melodee Spevack, Steven Peters, Robert Shields, Michael Kennedy, Edmund Lupinski, Edmund Lupinski, Anthony Lane, Marshall Moore, Tom Wright, Jay Starr, Joel Levine, Jon Gordon, Sherman Levine, Stephanie Wagasky, Lillian Zuckerman, Larry Aberman, Carolle Rousseau, Andrew Lane,
Plot Keywords:rape, waitress, nudity, brother, sister, vigilante, revenge, murder, student, thug, violence, drug, arrested, degenerate,
Alternative Titles:
O Acerto de Contas
Selbstjustiz - Mein ist die Rache
Le justicier solitaire
Getting Even
Kynikoi viastes kai dolofonoi
Midt mellom øynene