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A bunch of delinquent women are shipped to an island prison run by the sadistic warden Carla. Forced into situations of sexual perversion and violence and torture, the prisoners band together to try to overthrow Carla and escape the island.

Title:Gefangene Frauen
Release Date:1980-03-28
Production Countries:Switzerland,
Production Co.:Elite Film
Genres:Action, Drama, Adventure,
Casts:Karine Gambier, Brigitte Lahaie, Lynn Monteil, France Lomay, Eric Falk, Will Stoer,
Plot Keywords:female nudity, corruption, sex, brothel, nudity, women's prison, pubic hair, escape from prison, nipples, gang rape, lesbianism, lesbian sex, vulva, military dictator, labia, nude fight, erotic movie, island prison,
Alternative Titles:
Island Women
The Women of Inferno Island
Women's Penitentiary VII
Caged Island Women
Prostitutas encarceladas
Caged Women
Folli piaceri delle porno prigioniere
Le corps et le fouet
Les prisonnières de l'île aux rats
Le corps et le fouet - Femmes captives
Prisoners of War